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  • Unlimited Guided Meditation Sessions

  • Personalized Consultations

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  • Group Meditation

  • Relaxation Exercises

Membership Plans

The meditation we practice consists of steps to cleanse the mind — karma, habits, and body — in order to find truth within. Our method is systematic, organically structured, and very easy to follow.

However, it does take time and patience to complete all the steps and make your mind become true. For the purpose of establishing a strong meditation routine, our membership system provides you with an unlimited number of guided meditation sessions and consultations at times that fit you.

Just like it takes constant exercise to build a muscle in one’s body, it also takes continuous practice to achieve the ultimate goal of meditation. By putting time and effort into it, you can gain not just temporary peace of mind but the complete happiness that can change your life.

By consistent and regular practice, you will be able to experience the happiness and peace of mind that comes from finding your true self.

Meditating at the beach

1 Year

Valid for 12 month

Unlimited Guided Sessions

(1-1 & Small Group)

Standard  DKK 800

Youth & Pensioner DKK 600

Woman meditating in nature

3 Months

Valid for 3 months

Unlimited Guided Sessions

(1-1 & Small Group)


Standard DKK 1,000

Youth & Pensioner DKK 700

Couple meditating in Nature

6 Months

Valid for 6 months

Unlimited Guided Sessions

(1-1 & Small Group)


Standard DKK 900

Youth & Pensioner DKK 650

Couple Relaxing On Sofa

1 Month

Valid for 1 month

Unlimited Guided Sessions

(1-1 & Small Group)


Standard DKK 1,200

Youth & Pensioner DKK 800

Session Coupons

You may want to try and get to know the method before you decide to make a commitment. With coupons you can have chances to get the feeling of our meditation method.

We offer one-time and five-time coupons. 

If you want to join the membership afterwards, you can transfer it to a membership plan. 

We will arrange the sessions that suit your schedule. 

One-time Coupon

  • DKK 180

  • Duration: 50 minutes

  • Private meditation & consultation

  • Zoom live guidance

Woman in Yoga Studio
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The session will be arranged when it suits you.

Five-time Coupon

  • DKK 700

  • Five times

  • Duration: 60 minutes

  • Private and group meditation session

  • Zoom live guidance

Girl Relaxing
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This coupon expires 14 days after the first session.