Happiness means to have no worries


About Meditation

Copenhagen Meditation offers unlimited guided meditation sessions online. Open 9-21 six days a week. You can meditate from home. Experienced guides help you through the whole meditation process. No previous experience necessary.


Meditation gives you the ability to reflect on yourself and expand your consciousness while freeing your mind from the thoughts and burdens of the past. You will find your true self and true happiness within you. 


Stop Suppressing, Start Discarding

Suppressing or pushing away stressful thoughts and emotions may bring you peace of mind for the moment. However, we often experience that they come back after some time. Then we wish for a permanent solution.

You can gain changes that last by discarding.

Our meditation method allows you to let go of the sources of the obstacles and burdens in your mind.

As you empty your mind, you will find yourself able to live a life at your highest potential, full of energy, creativity and wisdom to face your life challenges.

Meditation Method Comparison- Discarding

Our Classes

We currently offer meditation sessions as a video conference online. In Stockholm there is a meditation center that you can visit. 

Members can participate indefinitely in guided meditation sessions.

One-on-One Session

You can get personal guidance, consultation, and support from experienced meditation guides.

Deepen your meditation practice with personalized support.

Group Sessions

Once you get comfortable with our meditation method, you can join group meditation sessions.

You can have a sense of togetherness even online.

Feel the energy and group vibe.

Meditation Events

We offer several free online meditation events on a regular basis.

Meet and meditate with people from other centers in Europe.


Sessions are provided in multiple languages.

Meditation Experiences

It feels great having thrown away the pictures in my mind and having gotten peace of mind. Worrying and anxiety have disappeared.

I am very grateful for the meditation, and I can sincerely recommend it to everyone.

Jan / Doctor

Since I found this meditation, I have stopped looking for answers. I have found the answer, and that has changed my life.

Hildur / Architect

The meditation has helped me on my way to reach my inner-most self, my true self. From this place, I can live my origin and purpose. From this place, I can understand the people I meet. It is a great happiness to live in this way.

Christer / Social worker


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We offer the introductory seminar as a video conference online. The seminar is free of charge.


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